Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

"Are You Prepared for Disaster?" is what the sign said flashing along the roadside in Lexington, Kentucky. I could see the sign from a long distance away and it just kept flashing and telling me several things:
  1. I needed to be ready
  2. A disaster was coming
  3. Preparation is the key to survival
  4. This coming disaster was personal in nature because I had to prepare for it
  5. Disaster, well you know that can't be good, in fact, I bet it is disastrous.

I kept waiting for the rest of the storyline, the disaster, the impending doom that was coming and yet there wasn't a "rest of the story" as the late Paul Harvey used to say. Just the flashing lights saying the same thing, "Are you prepared for disaster?" I watched other drivers as they rode by and none of them paid any attention to the lights. They had seen them before. This sign had been there for so long flashing the same message that people had gotten used to it and well had learned to ignore it.

I wondered if the flashing lights had said something like:

  1. Road out ahead, slow down or DIE!
  2. Free cash given out at 4th red light.
  3. Every 6th vehicle will explode along this roadway.
  4. You will be shot at, guaranteed, if you continue to travel this roadway.
  5. Bridge out ahead, you will die if you keep on this roadway.

Maybe I am just sick or strange enough to think that these might get our attention more readily than the same message, the same way, day in and day out, week after week, after week.

Then again think about it "Are You Ready for Disaster?", is really something all of us need to be prepared over. I mean, life is short and if you live long enough, disaster of some kind is coming your way. Sickness, health, wealth, weather, kids, spouses, stuff, and just life in general. The question is "Are You Ready For Disaster?"

Jesus tells us that no man knows the hour or the day that the Son of man will return, (a favorite term he used for himself by the way) so everyone should be ready. Salvation in Christ is so simple that many miss it all together. "It can't be that easy", they will say. But think about it this way, it has to be that easy or I, you, or children could not get in and that would not be a loving father for sure. So be ready, because Jesus is coming again and you have to be prepared. So let me leave you with this simple notice, "Are You Ready For Disaster?"

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