Monday, August 9, 2010

DNA is Proof of Intelligent Design

Okay I have to admit that I don't understand lots of things in life. Things that other, much smarter people, understand without any hesitation and don't even try to think hard to do it. They understand small things such as how a normal grown adult male can eat a Quarter Pounder w/Cheese and gain five pounds while a teenage boy can eat three of them and never gain an ounce. How about this one, "two woman can spend 15 minutes together and can tell you more details about each other than two men can when they have spend 4 hours together playing golf."

I was coming home the other day and heard a conversation between two talking heads on the radio that were talking about DNA like most people would read a box score over yesterday's baseball game. They were talking about the discovery of the model that proved there was a reason for who we are and how we are put together. As the men were talking they talked about the double helix and how the acids and information was formed together to give the building blocks of life.

It was at this moment that what they said started to make sense to me. They used these terms that made the difference. When we look at computer programs we understand that they are bits of information or code that are put together as information to make the program come alive. That is to say that the bits of information formed together is transferred through the computer and now the communications move along the wiring, or memory systems or even the drives contained within it. I understand the old binary system, somewhat, where information is in code of 0 or 1 and combinations of those numbers to make the computer program work. The DNA molecule also does the same thing! The scientists have discovered the helix has codes with in it that are the building blocks of life.

Now here's the rub for me. If we have a computer program running in a computer that means there had to be a computer programmer. This means there has to be a person that designed the program or it will not work. So if we understand the complexity of a computer program with all the information needed to be just right or it won't work then think on a more grand scale. Think about life and now DNA with it's information as the building blocks of life. Being life is so much more complex and delicate to exist, this means that there must have been some true intelligence in place to design that. Failure to have everything in place there is no life or existence. So when I look now at the DNA issue about life I have no argument left in me. I just have to say that after reviewing and comparing these two, DNA is Proof of Intelligent Design.


Ben said...

Four things, Steve.

First, stop pretending like you're not smart. We who've spent time with you know better! :)

Second, what station and program were you listening to? Did you tune into UK's biochemistry channel?

Third, I absolutely agree with your insight. At camp in early June, our youth leaders took our teenagers through Strobel's The Case for a Creator. Great stuff! The youth came away realizing that God makes good scientific sense. Sure, we have faith, but not blind faith.

Fourth, as we think about intelligent design, we should also think about benevolent design. Our Designer is good. He's made the world full of joy and beauty. He's like a smart dude with some serious flair!

Thanks for your thoughts!

barry said...

I don't think it is a coincidence that computers work through commands much like creation responded to God's command of "Let there be light." Man is made in God's image and the computer is our crowning achievement. We can use it to build imaginary worlds, creatures, and manage complex systems. Not unlike our Heavenly Father in whose image we are made.

Stay In The Word said...

Thanks for the comments. Keep them coming. We as believers need to not bury our faces in the sand when it comes to science. God is the author of life, and of science and we need to stop being 'apologetic' and learn 'apologetics'. One of the best books that I have read along this line is called, "I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist" and it's great.

Keep the conversatons coming as we embark on this thing called life.