Saturday, August 21, 2010

Running Like A Dog On The Interstate!

Maybe I am more sensitive today than at other times because I just returned from a Men's Weekend retreat and have been praying, singing, worshipping, and seeking God; to make me more obedient. It could be that I am tired because you seldom sleep well when you are not in your own bed or in your own room. It could be that I was listening to sermons on the way home and was sensing God in my truck with me as I drove.

Whatever the reason I saw this crazy thing happening just north of Lexington, Kentucky. The traffic was moving along quiet nicely, and briskly (which is a nice way to say we were probably speeding) when I saw lots of brake lights coming on in the distance. There were cars, trucks, SUV's and big rigs swerving all over the place. Several cars started to exit the lane and pull over. This usually translates into a fender bender or a rear end collision. As I got closer I saw what appeared to be something Running Like A Dog On The Interstate! That's right it was a dog.

This dog was black and he was running across the two outside lanes and people were doing all they could to not run over this dog. People would pull way past the dog and try to get it to stop, to exit the roadway, or to even go into the treeline off the interstate.

Some people were not paying attention as they pulled upon this scene and had not slowed down, as they either didn't care about the dog, or had not seen what was going on. However, everyone was no longer traveling at a higher rate of speed but were well under the speed limit.

This happened less than an hour ago as I write this. It is fresh on my mind. It is also fresh in my mind as I think of the unsaved, un-churched, and lost people in our culture. How that each of us need to slow down, swerve to the left and to the right, to pull off and stop if we need to; just so we might reach one that is about to die. The dog on the interstate was running with glee, joy and was having fun in doing what it does best; acting like a dog. The day is coming and now is that we need to be aware of the lost and dying "Running Like A Dog On The Interstate!"

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