Saturday, October 9, 2010

Getting a drink and processing

I just returned from Catalyst 2010 or as I was told by someone that loves me and tries to keep me current, #CAT10, or something like that, I realized that I wasn't thirsty. I had been in the presence of God, along with some godly people, and some that I wasn't real sure about but I had been drinking from THE fountain; Jesus.

The men and women, Beth Moore was just one of the ladies that brought it, along with likes of T.D. Jakes, Seth Godwin, and some guy by the name of Andy Stanley, brought the word. I took notes, bought Cd's, received downloads, talked to vendors, watched some incredible things such as a human cannonball right in front of me!

So here's the thing, what do I do with all of this? I have been overwhelmed and feel as if I got a drink from a fire hydrant with the valve set wide open! I have talked to vendors about ministry opportunities, missions, finances, and causes that make me feel that I am a terrible Christian. BUT there are take aways that I have to look at FOR ME. Things that I believe that GOD is showing me from my notes, from his word, from the Spirit stirring within me.

The last time that I went to Catalyst, I don't remember the number or much of anything, I left with such a stirring in my spirit that I moved to a new assignment of God in less than 6 months! So today, tomorrow and the days ahead I will be processing the things that I have heard, learned and have been challenge about.

So here's the question for you. IF you went to #CAT10 tell me what you drank and what you are processing! Did you drink? And what did you get?

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