Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

"What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?" used to be a commercial on television for the Tombstone Pizza brand. I remember it well from many years ago, check it out on Youtube etc. for the commercials as they are rather cheesy and funny. (Yes I just used the word cheesy while talking about pizza and yes it was a pun and it was intended!)

The premise of the question is true for all of us. "What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?" The movie "The Bucket List" is the story of 2 guys, both dying from cancer that strike up a friendship and decided to do things that they always wanted to do but couldn't due to everyday life getting in the way. So they decide to spend their final days doing the things on their list, the list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket. It is a bitter sweet movie.

In the movie one person who is cynical is turned into a better person because of his contact with the one that has his own list of things to do. At the eulogy, he says that this man, Carter, had saved him. He wept because of what Carter had done in his life. Isn't that the thing for all of us? We end up running into someone that impacts our lives and we will never be the same again?

I met someone like that when I was about 15 hears of age in Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, TN. It was on March the 17th and I have never been the same since that date. I guess you could say he 'saved me' that day. His name? Jesus Christ.

So what does the bucket list, being saved, and your tombstone all have in common? Many might think it's about death and dying. That is not true. It is fully about living. You see everyone dies but not everyone truly lives.

Me? I want to live life to the fullest; shoot, I want to live it to overflowing. I want to charge Hell with a water pistol for the kingdom of God. I want all of Hell to celebrate my passing someday because I will be out of the battle for the Lord Christ and the demons can feel it just got easier. What am I saying? I am saying for you to live your life FULLY for him. Life is precious and how we live that life here will determine what is on our tombstone someday.

So live your life by "What You Want On Your Tombstone!"

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