Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Caddy Shack Teaches Parenting!

Caddy Shack Teaches Parenting! Yep you read the line correctly. The movie, the old movie with Chevy Chase teaches parenting techniques. Now before you think I have lost my mind, or that I ever had a mind, or there he goes again, let me explain and build my case.

In the movie, the golfing character played by Chevy Chase is practicing golf and teaching one of the caddy's about life. He is playing golf, putting, making all of these strange sounds like dunnnannnnnnnnannn.....when he kicks, hits, or putts the ball. While he is doing this he keeps talking about "Being the Ball"when you play golf. That is you must become one with the ball, be the ball, understand the ball, etc...

It was at this moment that it hit me, PARENTING TECHNIQUE!

Here's the scenario I have seen played out too often, and now that I have grand-children, yes I do have 4 and now someone to play with, I tend to watch for this in them. As an example have you ever been in the store shopping and a parent comes down the isle with their little terror in the basket or in hand. The mom or dad is trying to complete the shopping before her little one reminds the world that they are in control. The parent says something like, "If you are good, I will take you to grand-mother's house when we are done." This is a secret code for "now is the time for you to erupt!" The child yells, kicks and screams, "I don't want to go to grand-mother's house!"

Due to shear embarrassment, the parent backs down and says, "OK, we don't have to go to grand-mothers house if you don't want to." REALLY?! The CEO of the family, this little tike in tow made the decision not to go to an adults home just because the pouted, temper tampered, and whined their way into getting their way? How does this train and equip your child for the future in school, in social gatherings, or work?

The boss comes in one day and asks the employee to do something that they really don't want to do and the employee screams, cries, and yells "I don't want to do that!" The employee pouts, holds their breath and the boss does the only thing they can do; call 911 as an adult has totally lost it.

You see Caddy Shack Teaches Parenting when being the ball should be translated to be the parent. You are the parent. You are the one that sets the rules. You are the one that has the veto power of events. You are the final say so. WHY? Because it is time to Be The Parent.

In love a parent of a toddler makes the calls and that is it.
In love with a teen a parent still makes the calls and has input from their teen. The teen has to realize that the buy in from them also helps them realize that there are consequences to their failure to perform, obey, or to be respectful to the parents. Be The Parent when the teen yells, rolls their eyes, or is disrespectful to you when you have to hold the line to make the consequences of their failures to be obedient. You see you are not having a battle with your teen you are training them to fully function in society, culture, and to become responsible adults in a timely manner.

Parents I am here for you. If I can help you, let me know.
Be The Parent!
Caddy Shack Teaches Parenting!

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