Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm Pulling For You, We're All In This Together!

I'm Pulling For You, We're All In This Together! is a saying that I have been using for years and it's not mine. I must confess that I 'borrowed it" from another great philosopher by the name of Red Green from the Red Green Show on Public Television. In the show he is talking to 'older men' about things in life that seem to affect them at this stage of their lives. Things like hair growing in places that it never has before, such as an ear; or hair not growing where it once did like the top of your head. He gives folksy advice that you can use to cope with this stage of your life.

I have been using this phrase for years at the conclusion of most of my articles in youth ministry or at the end of my monthly newsletter called NETMA, which stands for "Nobody Ever Tells Me Anything"and I give it out to the parents. The reason that I use this phrase is that for this time period in the lives of parents of teens I'm Pulling For You, We're All In This Together in discipling, disciplining, and teaching the students. But here's the rub! I am not responsible for the student in these areas but the parent is. However, I am here to help the parent through these 'turbulent' years.

I have been there and done that. I have read, and continue to read books, articles, and talk to other youth pastors about how to deal with students in certain situations. How do we help parents to be the leaders in their homes? Bottom line, always remember, "I'm Pulling For You, We're All In This Together!"

Now for the parents of students in our Youth Ministry that might read this know that I am here for you. It is not my job to reach you, teach you, or to be there for you! That's right, it is not my job; it is may calling! I love to help you, to teach you, to equip you; pray for you and to just be a listening ear if you need to talk.

To parents and friends that are not in my local Youth Ministry and you are reading this; then you too are in my area of influence. Email, call, txt or tweet and I will help you anyway way I can. Why would I make myself available to you or to anyone for that matter? There is only one true reason: I'm Pulling For You, We're All In This Together!

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