Monday, February 7, 2011

Owning My Faith

Owning My Faith is not a youth only issue. How many times have we seen adults that live in the blessing of their parents and even grand-parents and their faith. You know, "Well my daddy was a deacon at the church, we were up at the church every time the door was open. Why, if the preacher was up there scrubbing the windows on Saturday we took a picnic lunch and yard chairs just to sit and watch him!" Really? Never thought about helping him or even doing the windows as a ministry to him, the church or the Lord? I digress, that is the subject of another blog later.

How about the person that talks about the greatness of their grand-parents as they walked with the Lord all their days, took them to church, taught them what prayer, scriptures, and faith fullness was all about but yet this person has walked away from that kind of faith.

Most of our Youth's Parents want their children, their teens, to own their own faith and will say so. However, their is a major disconnect here. If the parent's faith is weak, non-existent, or living on the blessings of the days gone by, do the parents really own their own faith? They are demonstrating to their kids what it means to be a Christian everyday and if they follow mom and dad who are not living on their own faith, well the student will be left with little to nothing.

I received this devotional from Tyndale House Publishers and wanted to post it so others could see it. Owning My Faith is critical in my own relationship with Jesus Christ. Enjoy.

I just realized that I’ve been living off of the faith of my parents.
How do I own my faith?

Living off of someone else's faith is like borrowing something from a friend. No matter what you borrow--a car, cell phone, clothes, CDs, or faith--it isnt yours and must be returned.
Solomon was challenged to 'learn to know the God of your ancestors intimately' (
1 Chron 28:9). In other words, he wasn't to settle for hearing how someone else trusted God. He needed to find out for himself.

During these years, your faith will be tested. Friends who do not believe in Christ may see nothing wrong with doing things that would cause your conscience to start screaming in protest. That's when you will have to make a choice: Will you go along with your friends or will you stand on what you believe? If your faith is strong (if it is yours and not your parents or your youth leaders), no amount of pressure from friends will be able to blow you away. (See Matt 7:24-27.)
Consider taking these steps to help develop your faith.

  • First, make sure you have asked Jesus Christ to forgive your sin and come into your life.
  • Second, begin to ask questions about the Bible. God wants you to understand it as well as believe and obey it.
  • Third, look for other Christians who are excited about developing their faith in God--people who do not want to settle for second best.

What you learn from them can convince you that being a Christian is worth the work and is 100 percent right for you!

So this is a start into "Owning My Faith"

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