Monday, June 11, 2012

Where Have You Been?

"Where have you been?" are words that I am sure you have never heard nor have you  ever said them before. The time that you were to go to the store, come straight home and the senic route was calling your name. You take a detour and then before you know it, time has gotten away, the ice cream is now just cream and you are so in trouble because no one really knew where you were. Nah, probably never happened to you or the people that you know, just me.

"Where have you been?" has been echoing in my ears of late as I have not blogged in sometime. I like writing, I like sharing with you life, stories, and above all the truths from the Bible. Why is it then that I haven't done more? Not sure really. You see I have about 52 blogs that I am doing on Youth Ministry and Parents. I want to help parents be the number one discipler in the lives of their teens. I want to help "Young" youth ministers when someone gives them a hard time because they are not experience in raising teens and try to give good Godly advice to a struggling parent. But I have not done so well of late. It was my goal to get back on track but I got side tracked of late.

You see Christmas morning I lost my baby brother. We were closer than either of us really realized. I had the breath knocked out of me. You can read my blog about Birthdays and Christmas on that one. One of the things that happened during the funeral was that our mother that raised us both stood at the casket and told Kenny to not go too far inside the pearly gates because she was right behind him. Sure enough, in March, the 19th to be exact, Dorthy did just that and went to Heaven to be with Jesus and her family members.

I had a wonderful 1-2 punch of grief to deal with by losing 2 family members in just a short period of time. I had lost an older sister just 11 months before my brothers passing, but who's keeping up with time?

Grief is one of those things that everyone has to do on their own time, in their own way, and yet it is none the less painful, nor difficult. I was down, out, frustrated with myself and yet I just couldn't shake it. I knew the scripture, taught it and quoted how that Jesus would never leave nor forsake me. He didn't. He revealed himself in many different ways. One of the ways was a new friend on our staff. He went to lunch with me, challenged me, walked beside me and let me know there was healing. This was great. The brothers of my staff prayed for me and with me weekly walking through my pain and loving me all the way. My wife spoke truth into my life and challenged me, all the while knowing there was really nothing she could do but love me. That was enough.

A book was relased the month that mom died entitled "Grieve Like A Man" of which I bought, read, devoured and saw my story in it. A dear friend took me hunting with him and within 2 hours of the season opening we had met our quotas and sat around a campfire for 2 days talking, sharing, and having our friendships grow deeper.

This blog is one of those blogs that is written to share with you where I have been and to let you know I am back on track. All is good. You see the scriptures that I had read, quoted and taught about DID come true to my life. Jesus was walking with me all the time. Not once did he ask me "Where Have You Been?" because he had never left me.

The blog postings of twicechosen are coming back on line. God is showing me some amazing stuff. Jesus has walked with me, carried me, and led me through the valleys of late and the Holy Spirit has empowered me to go on when giving up looked promising.

Today as you read this know that you are in good company as you live for Christ. IF you don't know him in a personal realationship you can like never before. The journey is great and it is the best ever. I promise you others will know you are different, changed, and want to know what happened and ask you "Where Have You Been?"

Stay in the Word.

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Ben said...


I knew about your brother but had no idea about your mom. Nobody is ever ready to lose momma. I'm glad to see that you're back and that the Lord has proven faithful! I've missed your insight in the blogosphere.