Sunday, September 28, 2008


The last few days I have been spending time with my son and his wife for his birthday. We had a great time just being together. We spent time playing disk golf and laughing. Laughter is important to family. All of us had the chance to talk to one another about life, coming life and what God was doing in our lives right now.

God is continuing to move us all along to that which he wants us to become. What does he want us all to become? He wants us to become like Jesus, is son. We are to move towards the likeness of him in love, ministry, and work in our lives.

So what's the thing with you? Who are you like? Are you moving towards maturity in your walk or not moving at all? Lots of questions and only you can answer them.

When you are twice chosen, you have to understand that God has something special for you. So go for it, God is there.

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