Saturday, September 27, 2008

Twice Chosen

Twice Chosen

Why the name? Why does anyone chose the name they may choose for their child, their pet, or even naming their car? It is that which we have picked to represent that object of affection in our minds when we hear it.

Twice Chosen for me is my name. It is exactly who I am and as I realized it more and more that I was twice chosen, well it just made sense of what to call me blog.

As a child I was born into a terrible situation. I was given life but not much chance at life. My mother had chosen poorly with alcohol and a crazy lifestyle and by the time that I was born I was the 4th child and from what records I can piece together there were 3 more before me.

Me? I was placed in a shoe box, or maybe just a small cardboard box, and tossed on the bar in a restaurant/bar in Chicago as the man caring for me walked out the door saying this is not my kid. Stinking and dirty along with terrible diaper rash, underfed and sick my 'mother' placed me into the women's bathroom for the employees and watched me from time to time. She told a co-worker that she couldn't care for me and could she take care of me for a few days. Dorothy took me and that was that.

Dorothy took me and raised me, along with Vic, and the rest of the family. I was chosen to live in their family. There are many of stories from that which I will share with you in the days ahead.

Let me fast forward to the teenage years and tell you the best thing ever to happen to me was when I was chosen again by the Lord Jesus Christ and I became a Christian. From that moment own, I now know that I have been twice chosen.

The journey is grand and the days ahead while unsure, bumpy, and sometimes stormy, the destination is worth the ride.

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