Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I did my best!

I did my best!

Recently I was talking with someone about various things in their life such as family, school, dating, pressure, and all that other normal stuff that happens to a person in a culture that wants you to "have your cake and eat it too." In our conversation the phrase came out over and over again of how they had done their best but it never seemed good enough.

If you have done your best the question begs to be asked, "what more could you have done?" If you have done your best and others tell you that it wasn't good enough ask yourself "by what standards are they comparing my best to?" Is is perfection? If it is perfection then no one's best is good enough. If the comparison is to another person that has more foresight, knowledge or experience, sure they might have done it differently but would the results turn out the same or differently or even turn out at all?

Doing your best is your best. The movie "Facing the Giants" is always asking the question "Are you going to give my your best?" Life asks that question, are we giving our best to whatever we do? Do we settle for second best?

Bottom line, once you have done your best and it is not good enough, then what do you do? What if the standard that you are being compared to is perfection, then what do you do when you come up short? What if you have some help? I believe that when I come up against perfection, and we all will one day or another, that we will find ourselves short. Because I will be short in my perfection, what if I can get help from the one that is perfect? How do I get this perfection? Simple!

God created us to be with him.
Our sins separates us from God.
Sin cannot be done away with by doing good deeds.
Paying the price for our sins, Jesus died and rose again.
Everyone that trusts, puts their faith in Christ alone, can have life that is eternal.
Life that is eternal means we will be with Christ in heaven forever.

Now if that makes sense or you understand it, why not give your life to Christ. Remember that he is perfect and we are not. We will never be able to measure up to the perfect standard. However, we can have the one that is perfect to help us out.

I did my best, stating it is all you did may not be enough for some things in life, however if you will do your best right now and say yes to Christ, that is the best thing you could ever do!

Go ahead, do your best!

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