Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who Are You?

The question continues to come to us no matter your age, "who are you?"

This week the television show that changed it all, at least for the last 9 years, will have their thrilling season premier. The show of this generation is CSI "Crime Scene Investigators" from Las Vegas will hit the air ways with new story lines, twists, and turns that will keep the audience enthrolled. Main characters will fight for their lives, old characters will return, and new characters will arrive.

The audience has become acustomed to the current characters, the storylines, the back grounds of each, what has happened to them, and the personal struggles of each. The truth about each character each week remains the same "who are you?" The show hits the airwaves, or the digital highway, each week with a portion of a song from "The Who"; "who are you...?, ...I really want to know."

A few weeks ago Grissom, one of the main characters stated, "Things may affect you but they don't have to define who you are." (I happened to see this episode on September 25, 2008, being aired on CBS.) True, maybe; but somethings do. A new mother or father will be affected by their new baby and it will define that for the rest of their days on this earth, and beyond, they will always be a mother or a father. In a tragic sense if something bad happens to you, you do not have to allow that to be the one thing that defines you, you make the choice about being a victim or a victor.

One thing for sure that should affect you and define you is the moment that you become a follower of Jesus Christ. The moment, by faith, that you accept the grace of God offered to you through his son, his death, his forgiveness of sins, and the resurrection life. This moment should define who you are as a complete and real person with purpose in your life.

So here's the question for you, "Who are You?", do you know for sure? Take a moment, right now as you read this to define who you are in Christ Jesus. If you really want to know who you are, then look no further than into the eyes and life of Jesus to know you are, or could be, a child of the most high God.

So there you have it. Me? I have to go look at my schedule so I can see what happens this week and not to miss that opening line, "Who are you...?"

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