Sunday, October 5, 2008

What do you expect?

I hear this statement all the time. You are somewhere hanging out with friends, or at the mall, maybe even at a movie. You know the scene. Things are not going well. Your team is down, they are loosing, or maybe they weren't supposed to win anyway and you look at your friend and you say, "Well, what did you expect?"

What did you expect to happen when you bought your ticket or went to the game, friend's house, the movie or the mall? You may be thinking that I wasn't expecting anything but you know that is not true. You were expecting something because if you weren't then you wouldn't be disappointed when things went awry.

Here's my question about Sunday and going to church, "what did you expect?" You had something in mind when you went to church, you had some expectations. You had to have a standard that you were looking for before even entering the building.

Will I like the music? Will the testimonies be real or relevant? Will I have anyone that will speak to me? What if I come in and leave and no one speaks to me, then what will I do?

If our expectations are wrong then we will walk away and say "well, what did you expect?" If our expectations are on ME, I, What I Like, or how I feel, then we are already in trouble when we start.

What if our expectations were on God, focused on Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit and how I can be embraced by Him? If my expectations are on meeting God, worshipping him in no matter what kind of music is play, then my expectations can't be a let down.

So today, or on any given Sunday, go with expectations of meeting the Holy One in song, in music, in testimony, in the word of God, in the smile of a baby or even when YOU are the one that speaks to someone else. Bottom line it is about "what did you expect?"

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