Monday, October 6, 2008

Time Got Away From Me

How does this happen anyway? "Time got away from me", we don't own the time, it's not ours and how did we keep it locked up? What were we going to do with the time that we had stored up anyway? Do we really believe that if we mess up on this Monday that next Monday is a "shoot over or a mulligan"? We don't have roll over minutes when it comes to living our lives. That heart beat, that last breath, well it's gone to never ever get back.

If time gets away from me, what did I think was so important that I had to do that and give my time to? Was it really important? When I gave my heart beats, my inhaling and exhaling to that, was it really that important?

Did I give my best for that? What are somethings that are worth those minutes, those heart beats, those last moments of your time that you are giving away? Some would say to see that last game, to see my team win it all. Think about that one, records are made to be broken and then where are you? I too have given many a heart beat to my favorite golfer winning the big tournament and now it's 20 years later and all I have are cloudy memories of that event. How about sleeping? We all need sleep but is the sleep worth sleeping our lives away?

What is worth the things that we are giving away all the time by our lives? God and family. God first because it all came from him anyway and it all returns to him as he created it all anyway. Family because the legacy that you leave is important to those that come behind you. The family name is important, you and some before you have worked hard to get it just as it is right now.

So today as you look at that schedule and all you have to do, the important and most high on your priority list may not really be the most important after all, it depends on the time return. What kind of return will you get on your investment? So don't wast time today, invest it and get a great return for what you are doing and giving.

Well I better end this blog posting before time gets away from me. I have something important to do and it's going to take some time!

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