Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Ice Storn of 09.

I survived the ice storm of 09. This phrase has not appeared on a tee shirt yet but I think that it will. Living in Kentucky and having one of the worst storms and disasters to come through this state has had so many asking the question, "When did you get your power back?" Most people in our area lost power for over a week or more in near zero temperatures.

People stayed with folks that had power and some camped out in cold homes waiting for the power to come back on. People came in from other states to help get the power grid back on and up and running. There were trees down, cracking and falling heavily laden with ice tearing out the electrical wires and power poles.

What a pleasure it was to see utility trucks coming into the city like the cavalry to rescue the cold, the weak and the powerless.

There were those that volunteered from the Alabama Southern Baptists that came to town, paying their own way, slept on cots, taking chain saws and cleaning up debris for weeks. They showered in the homes of new friends, ate with others they did not know, and did it with a smile on their face and joy in their hearts. They were willing to do this because they understood what it meant to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ serving their fellow man.

I have made new friends, new associates, and fellow Christians that are willing to make a difference in the lives of others for the Glory of God.

The ice storm was terrible and there was billions of dollars of damages and loss of life in the state. This was a tragedy, no doubt. However, even in tragedy good things came out of it. Many learned to do without and some learned to do more with less. God was glorified as his people did what they do best, help others.

I can say it and hope to see it on a tee shirt soon, "I survived the ice storm of 09!"

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Amiller said...

Hey man. Glad to hear you and the family are doing okay. It amazes me that even in tragedy, God can creat beauty. I remember seeing the stories on the news about the ice in Kentucky, and although it was scary and tragic in some cases, the scenery was so beautiful!