Monday, August 24, 2009

Given, Never Earned!

I was driving to Louisville, KY the other day and in traffic I passed, or actually it passed me, a big truck that apparently the Marines use. On the side of the truck was a sword, a dress blue sword, with the white handle and it was beautiful. There were only 3 words that were on the side of the truck which caught my eye. The words were simply said, "Earned, Never Given". Wow, enough said. When you think about being a Marine that is true.

Over the years I have seen guys graduate, girls too, from high school and they are the proverbial 98 pound weakling. These were folks that we never in the "IN" crowd, nor jocks, or the 4.o smartest kids in school. They graduate from high school and then the word is given that they have joined the military. Thoughts go through your mind, well that's nice, they have a place to belong. It is only later that it is told that they went to the Marines and not some 'other' branch of the service. Not to be disparaging to the other branches of the military but there is something that comes to mind when it is said someone was in the Marines.

After this recent high school graduate comes home from their basic training you get together for some coffee and you notice something about this new Marine. They are more mature, clean cut, having shaved, look you in the eye and are so sure of themselves. They are a Marine. They have worked hard to become one and they are on their way to the day they will be able to tell some young recruit about the sword and the dress blues, "Earned, Never Given"!

That phrase "Earned, Never Given" is a great phrase to use in the military but it is a TERRIBLE mind set to have in the church and the Lord Jesus Christ. You see when it comes to the salvation experience you will see people trying to earn it. They do all the 'right' stuff and try to ear their salvation only to find out that they cannot do it.

You see to become a Christian, a Christ follower, Saved, etc. you can't earn it, it's given freely to you. Not that it is cheap but it has already been paid for by Christ himself.

So today if you have never thought about becoming a Christian, that is asking Jesus to forgive you of your sins as you repent from them and make him the lead, the lord, the number one in your life all you have to do is ask and it will be given to you. You see salvation it is "Given, Never Earned!"

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