Tuesday, August 25, 2009


School! It is the word that strikes fear into most individuals when they are in elementary, middle school (Junior High for those over 45), high school and even college. That one word brings with it so many memories that are good and sometimes horrific. Days gone by of sitting in rows of seats, hot, bored, and having to learn something that in the back of your mind you know you are thinking, "I'll never use this stuff!"

Memories such as in your 5th period history class when the teacher, with a smirk on his face, asks something about the Bible to you, because he knows you are believer, and then rides you pretty good, in front of your peers, when you don't know the answer.

Memories that come rushing into your mind when you hear a certain song, our song you think and you are catapulted back to the day that she, or he, was in your life and you knew this was forever. It wasn't but at that time you were in luv!

School! The teachers, the books, the assignments that you are thinking about completing or not, and the opportunities that you have to become something more than you are or ever have been.

School! Students will tell you that they hate it! However, a quick check onto any social page and you will see students telling each other that they are bored and can't wait for school to begin. They don't tell their parents or any adult but they secretly DO like school. Now that they have the opportunity to return to school and start a new year may they make new friends, new grades, and a set of new mistakes. School is there to train but it is also an opportunity to better oneself to a new dynamic person.

Sure we all love school! And parents love school most of all. Sure there are supplies, money for trips, camps, clothes, calculators that do stuff that they don't have a clue about, computers, cell phones, books, etc., etc., etc. But after the student heads out the door and onto the bus or into the hallways of the place of learning; most parents sigh, dance or smile and say to themselves, School!

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