Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Creepy Sign!

One Creepy Sign and it's not about Halloween! For the last few months now I have been driving 2 or 3 times a week from my home to Louisville, KY along the wonderful interstate system. The state has installed those wonderful jumbo tron type signs that tell when there is an Amber Alert, accidents ahead, and announcements that drivers need to know about.

I watched an announcement that changed almost every day and at first it didn't bother me too much but then it was One Creepy Sign! You see the sign said something like "Buckle Up Kentucky" which made sense, you know, being a safe driver on the interstate etc. Then the sign would flash over to another sign and it was the number of people that had died on Kentucky roadways so far this year. As I said, I drove the interstate for miles and miles and I would see the numbers such as 623 Killed on Kentucky Highways. A week or so later I was able to see that number go to 633, 648, and now the number is over 700! Men, women, boys, and girls, teens; killed even as we slept or drove on the highways.

This sign bothered me each day I drove and realized that more people slipped out into eternity! This means that there were some people that will be separated from God forever and ever. Did any of these people know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior?

Thousands of people drove past the signs everyday and did it bother them that people were dying? Does it bother us that people are dying without Jesus? Are we doing anything about it?

This is the Christmas season and people will be more receptively willing to hearing about Christ than most any other time of the year. Are you making plans to share that good news?
We have to be aware of our surroundings and be aware that Jesus is real enough to tell others about him. If you are not ready, get ready to share it or maybe you will be bothered by One Creepy Sign!

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