Thursday, December 17, 2009

Value Differences

Value Differences. You know the other day I saw this demonstrated in the sports world and everyone laughed and thought it was so cute. You probably remember the story as well, it went something like this.
"It was September the 15th and the Philadelphia Phillies were playing a game and they were in the hunt for the pennant. There was a long fly ball hit into the upper decks of the outfield and a dad caught the ball! It was amazing! The crowd cheered and the father then handed the baseball to his small child, a 4 year old, and she threw the ball back onto the playing field! The crowd is shocked and the dad holds his head in disbelief! He then hugs his little girl. He loved the girl more than he loved a $10 baseball."
Now here's the rub about this cute little story. We loved the story because the Value Differences were really sweet. BUT when we see the Value Differences in other relationships we don't seem to celebrate it. Times like differences in likes in church, music, worship styles; husband and wives and how they have differences and should compliment one another.
So what's the point? We are all different but we have lots of things in common. We are in a free country and we have the ability to worship freely without fear. Sure we have things that we can disagree on but there are some differences that we have that can cause us all to grow closer together. When one of us is down the other can pick us up. I read something in a book one time that said that a cord of three strands is not easily broken.
Take the time to embrace and understand the Value Differences.

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