Monday, July 19, 2010

And She Didn't Know It!

Recently I was driving on one of my many trips across our state or maybe it was out of state, or even the state of confusion; never mind, I was driving. Coming up to a traffic light I noticed that this lady had driven her car up to the light and had passed the sensor strips in the roadway. In fact, she was a couple of feet in front of where she needed to be and the sensors did not know that her car was there.

She sat there for sometime as other cars would come to their part of the street, trip the sensors, make their turn and the light would stay red. She was angry and agitated as she looked first left and then right and then back again. She looked at the lights, she looked at others that were able to go while she just sat there. I was behind her in traffic and I had no idea how long she had been there at the light. She has caused her own problem And She Didn't Know It! Her anger was at the manufacturer, the designers of the system, the roads department; everyone she could think of but in reality, it was her own fault And She Didn't Even Know It!

Isn't that the way we all are in our lives? We make bad choices, decisions, and do things on the impulse only to have them blow up in our faces and it's our own fault And We Didn't Know It!? The Christian walk is a journey of many steps, stairs, highways, hills and valleys but it is a journey. Many of the turns that we make that are wrong are of our own problem And We Don't Know It. Sure some of the dark clouds, the rain, the storms and the things of life that come our way that are not our fault. Jesus said something about it raining on the just and the unjust, or believers and non-believers, sceptics and saints, me and you, or something like that.

Here's my question, wonder if the things you are going through right now, are they from God, life, Satan or are they are own doing? Could it be her problem due to the wrong decisions, consequences for her actions, And She Didn't Know It?

To help the lady out that was stuck at this one red light, I eased my car up to the sensors and tripped the light timer so she, and I, could now go on our way. There was no thank you wave, no honking of the horn, or rolling down the window to show appreciation. In fact, I am not sure she was even aware that it was me at all. I helped her, somewhat the way Jesus helps us albeit not nearly the same, "And She Didn't Know It!"

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