Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What will they say?

George Steinbrenner died the other day at the ripe old age of 80 from a massive heart attack. IF you are one of the few in America that doesn't know who that is let me just say that he has been the controversial owner of the New York Yankees Major League Baseball team. He bought the team for about $1 million dollars some 30 years ago and has turned the franchise into a 1.3 BILLION dollar company, not to mention that his team has won the World Series several times and the American League Championship even more times that the Series Champions.
So now that you know who he was, so what? I have lived long enough to know that this owner has been one hard owner on the players, management, and coaches of his team. He hired and fired the same Coach Billy Martin 5 different times! He was fined by the Commissioner of Baseball on multiple times thousands and thousands of dollars. He was difficult to work for and those close to him knew that he was highly demanding of all his employees.
The news anchors, and sports analyst are now saying what a great guy he was to the sport of baseball. Stories are coming to light such as one young man that was caught spraying graffiti on the Yankee Stadium when he was 16 years of age. He was caught by George himself and was taken to a holding pen until that evening. He was then hired to be a bat boy for the evenings game. He then worked for the organization for over 30 years! The owner lifted him up from what he was to what he could become.
So here's the thing, we are now looking back at George's life and seeing how he lived his life and how he impacted people over his life. He is not here to hear what they are saying about him or to misunderstand any judgments they may have about him. He is gone BUT YOU ARE HERE~! So think about this, "What will they say about you and your life?" You see you have the rare opportunity to mark others so they will say the right things about you. How you impacted others with your life and influence.
"What will they say?" It is really up to you! You have the chance to impact others for the good, for God, for eternity! It's your call, "What Will They Say?"

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