Thursday, September 9, 2010

Like Father Like Son

Yep, Like Father Like Son, is the phrase that you hear people say about someones child when they see the child, hear them, or watch them in an environment of their own.

Recently I saw a posting or blog of my son's posted on his church's website/blog. It had a lot to do about coffee cups that he owns (I can relate!). The two that mean the most to him are from Bybee Pottery in Waco/Bybee area of Kentucky, same location now 200 years! The other is from Tate Knob Pottery outside Berea, same location now about 30 years. He has other cups but these two mean the most to him, you can read below why in just a minute.

I want to take a moment to say that the phrase "Like Father Like Son" could have been said about Jesus from the New Testament. Jesus said that he and the father are one; if you have seen me you have seen the father. It is my prayer that for you as a believer that you too might have that said of you too. "Like Father Like Son Like You!" We are to become in the image of Christ so that others may see Christ in us and when they see Christ in us they may see the Father as well. you read the blog post of my son, enjoy, reflect and understand that my son walks with the Lord Jesus Christ, just like his dad does so I guess you can say, "Like Father Like Son!"

"I just counted, and my wife and I own somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 coffee mugs. They range from travel mugs from Starbucks, to a plastic mug my dad got before I was born. We have the 10 that came with our dinner set someone got us for our wedding. I guess we have 20 cups if you count the two 24 oz latte cups that I just use for cereal and soup. The point is, I love coffee and have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to drinking my favorite morning drink.

Nine times out of ten, I choose one of two cups. In fact, I’m drinking out of one as I write this right now. My two favorite mugs were made near where my parents live in eastern Kentucky. They live in Berea, which is the Artisan capital of the world. I love going there. In the same afternoon, you can visit a weaver’s shop, woodworkers’ shops, local craft shops, a chocolate-maker’s store (who was trained at Hershey as a kid), and multiple pottery studios. The mug I’m drinking from as I write this was created at Tater Knob, a pottery studio that is nestled among the tall hills of the region. You have to step over this huge dog to get into the shop, and see all these creations everywhere you look. The potters invite you back and allow you to watch them turn bowls, cups, and just about anything you can think of on their wheels. You feel like part of the family. Their hands made the cup I drink out of at home, and it is unique and beautiful to me.

The other mug I drink from came from Bybee pottery, which is also near my parents’ home. What amazes me about this company is that they have been owned by the same family and made pottery in the same building for 200 years. The floor in the “throwing room,” where the pottery is actually turned, is 18 inches higher than the rest of the building, because of the generations of clay dust that has settled there. I love the history, and the rugged craftsmanship of their art.

Why do I tell you about these cups? I have almost two-dozen cups at my disposal, yet I consistently drink out of only two because they are unique, individual, and special to me. I’ve met their creators, looked them in the eye, and seen how much they love creating their craft. They don’t’ do it for the money; they do it for the sheer love of creation. They do the exact same job as a factory produced mug, but their beauty is in their hand-made imperfections. They have character.

God is building you and building me. What makes us beautiful is not our perfect edges that we present to everyone. When we come to church or walk out our doors, we present this perfectly finished, polished life, but that’s not who we are. So, there are chinks in our armor. So, we’re missing a few polished places.

Perfection doesn’t make us beautiful in God’s eyes; allowing his handiwork to shine through does. You are unique, individual and loved by God. Not because of your perfect records you may cling to so dearly, but because you have been in the hands of the Maker. Let his fingerprints shine in your encounters and interactions today."

So there you have it, the words of my son, in whom I am well pleased!

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