Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something For Dad

I was thinking that so many of my posts are for students, and seekers, or just sitting and thinking; I have some time to do that over the last few days. During my sitting and thinking spell I was thinking about men, dads, husbands and the roles that we have as men.

No matter how hard everyone else can try, only a dad can fully fulfill the roles of good ole dad! So here is some encouragement for you as you are thinking about being the one that God has called you to be. Yes it is a calling to be a parent. Let me try to encourage all the dads that feel inadequate; we all feel that way! So today, sit back slowly read the attached devotional that I received from The publishers of the New Living Translation Bible and know that I have Something For Dad!

Home Management

He must manage his own family well, having children who respect and obey him.1 Timothy 3:4

"The marketplace teaches us that success or failure in any business or venture depends on effective management. Management is not only doing things right; it is doing the right things.

The same is true for families. And dads, the Scriptures inform us, bear the responsibility for managing their family. Before you tune out the apostle Paul as being hopelessly chauvinistic, you need to understand the word manage. It means “to stand before; hence to lead, attend to (indicating care and diligence).” The use of this word in 1 Timothy 3:4 doesn’t give a husband permission to be a dictator. It simply means that as a manager, a husband is the one who will answer to the Lord for the home he and his wife have created. For good or bad, dads, we are the ones responsible for our homes--our families.

Most of us have had enough experience in the workplace to know the difference between good and bad management. Good managers lead by influence: They delegate but are available to help; they seek the input of others; and they plan ahead. In contrast, poor managers lead by authority: They tend to control all decisions yet are uninvolved when problems arise; they resist the input of others; and they tend to make decisions on the spur of the moment.

Dads, how is your management at home?

Let’s put an end to the extremes of uninvolved or dictatorial husbands. Dad, you are the leader, the manager of your home. Serve in that capacity with all your heart. Your family hungers for it. Your wife and children will respect you for it. And, God will be pleased when you stand before him to give an account of your responsibilities."
So there you have it! Something For Dad!


Christa said...

We had men's sunday at church: guys cooked and cleaned; all guys wanted to come at 6 and cook breakfast. My husband spoke up: If we are going to do this FOR the women, then asking my wife to get our toddler ready to go by herself while she is 3 weeks from delivery is NOT helping her at all. He changed the entire breakfast to being cooked at home, and brought at 9. He got our girl ready, brushed her teeth, and even fixed her hair. GREAT respect!

Stay In The Word said...

What a pleasure to have something from both of my children and comments. Keep them coming. God bless as we coninue of this journey called life....