Saturday, October 11, 2008

Financial Collapse Blessings

Lately the only thing on the news seems to be about the impending doom of the world wide economic crises. Then I hear one news anchor make a statement that caused me to think more fully about this mess.

"A bright spot to this global problem is that it has brought all of us closer together", said Chris Cumo morning news anchor for Good Morning America on 10/08/08. He was commenting no the world market turmoils and how that this economic problem was affecting everyone everywhere.

His statement made me think about the fact that when things are good, we all seem to go our own way. We have it the way that we want to and do not think of anyone else around us, in a word when things are going well we are selfish. If you are a fisherman and things are happening you don't tell everyone else what you are using as bait, where the fish are biting or be willing to take them to your favorite fishing hole. If you have a way of making money, lots of money, you don't tell everyone your secret until you have "enough money" and then you will only tell them your secret for $19.95 and order today!

It seems that when things are bad we are drawn together into the same significant setting. We move in the same painful circles looking for the same comfort from one another. When 911 occurred, people from all over the world grieved with us. Sure there were those that saw this as a time to celebrate our pain but in reality those were rare. Now that the world is in a financial crises is seems that everyone is pulling together once again. Even today and this weekend the financial governments are meeting in Washington to see what can be done.

Now for the spiritual aspect of it all. We are all sinners, that is we are far away from God. We have no way to get to God without his help. We must pull together and help one another. This is why people seem to be so nosey when they are asking spiritual questions about you and your life. They know and realize that we are all in the same spiritual collapse and we need to help one another. They have found the answer for the problem and they are trying to help others get the same help for no money down.

So although we are in a time of financial difficulty we are to look past it all for the good that may come out of it such as it is in the time of "Financial Collapse Blessings."

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