Sunday, October 12, 2008


Worship is defined to bring worth to someone or something.

This morning as I type these words I am preparing myself for worship. Worship of someone, not of something. Yesterday in America it was a day of worshipping something. People were off the deep end yesterday in their worship. They put on special clothes, sang songs that they may not even fully believe in but they were standing with others mouthing the words, and fellowship with people they didn't even know. People sitting together talking and getting to know each other even better. Some were even fanatical in what they believed. Many would tell you of the last time or years ago when they were there and they would testify of what they had seen. There would be the nut cases standing on the corner fanatically waving their signs not minding that not everyone believes the same way they do. There would be those that were dressed in their best. People would take cold hard cash and give it away for things that were way over priced but for the group they felt it was OK to pay.

The god of football does that to people.

Today many of these same people will not go to church saying that Christians are fanatical, the church is too big, there are people there that I do not know, they only want my money, I don't have anything to wear, they sing songs I don't know, there are too many fanatics pushing what they believe on everyone, and way too many are hypocritical.

Yeah I guess you are right, we don't want to appear crazy now do we?

Oh well, today I will dress differently, sing songs I may not fully know, talk to people I don't know, give my money, and be in a big environment with many people that could be called fanatical. Why am I there? I am there to worship the almighty God in the power of his Holy Spirit through the fullness of the Son, Jesus, called the Christ. You see I found out long before I read a book, that it's not about me!

So this morning, I am going to Worship!

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