Monday, October 13, 2008

I want what I want

So you didn't get what you wanted, so now what?

Years ago there was this story of a young lady that was not following after that which God would have in her life. There was a young man that had caught her eye and he became her world. He was what she lived for and not anything or anyone else. The night before moving into her college dorm room she wanted to say goodbye to "the love of her life" which was normal except he had a terrible virus. The kind where things don't want to stay in or stay down, if you get my message. This young lady was determined to go see him and to tell him good bye. Her parents told her no she couldn't go because if she got this same virus it would be devastating to her in her dorm and no one there to take care of her. This didn't set well with her so the argument broke out. The parents pleaded and said to use some common sense. It was during the heat of this argument that the words were spoken, "I don't want to use common sense, I want what I want!"

So there it was, I want what I want! The words were uttered in desperation but those words were the ones that said what their relationship was all about, selfishness.

I think of these statement and story when I hear students argue with their parents. I am listening to see which one is the one that is saying I want what I want and not what is best for the other person. I want it my way because I am selfish or I want it my way because I don't want you to have it at all.

Why are we like this? Why are we so bent on not doing the right thing when we know the right thing is out there? Christ is not about selfishness but selflessness, giving himself away.

Bottom line is that sin will cause all of us to become so selfish, to make ourselves better than others, and to try to put others down so we might be lifted up in our own eyes. Christ was the ultimate leader and he did by serving others. He had the attitude and heart of a servant.

So today as I drive, as I learn, as I minister to others, I have to have the right attitude and make sure that I am trying to do the right thing when I serve others. I have to make sure that it's about them and not about me, my wants, my desires, my attitude must be what do you need and not "I want what I want"!

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