Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just You Wait

"Just You Wait" is what I have heard from those that mean well about the birth of my first grand-child.

Yes is has been a week since I have posted a blog but I have been ever so busy enjoying being a first time grand-father. Yes I have been gloating over what I would perceive to be the best looking baby to come along since Gerber put that picture on their first baby food jar. But I get off track here, yes I have been off line for a few days. However, as I was off line, I was listening to everyone bragging about Rachel, and I am being honest here, they actually said all that good stuff. The one thing that I kept hearing people say things like, "You just wait until she gets older, the terrible twos and you won't think she's so cute!" "You just wait until you have to sit up with her all night when she is crying sick with the fever or throwing up."

I watched a young couple get tired of hearing these phrases being said to them when they had waited so long and had suffered so much already. How that they had suffered 4 different miscarriages and had come home from the hospital empty handed each time. How that they had waited for years to have a child that they thought may never happen. How that waiting was something they had learned to do whether or not they wanted to or not.

You know as I was watching and listening everyone say, "Just you wait" and each time they were referring to something that was not a pleasing thought it made me think about life in general. If we focus on all the bad things that could happen, well we could truly be full of anxiety and fears that would immobilize us from living our lives.

"Just You Wait" can be filled with good things as well. Just wait for that first day you realize that God has given you new life. Just you wait for the day that you will meet Jesus Christ and bow at his feet. Just you wait for the day that a friend, a spouse, a child, or grandchild becomes a follower of Jesus Christ because you prayed for them and shared with them.

So what am I saying? Well I guess I am trying to say that it's not always negative when you hear those words it can be positive. Trust me on this one! "Just You Wait!"

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