Friday, October 31, 2008

New Testament Proven Probable!

"Cold Case" television show proves New Testament is probable and true!

That's right, a television show proves that the probability of the New Testament can be proven and if proven probable then it must be true as well.

On October 26 th an episode of the Cold Case told the story of a missing Korean soldier who was found some 50 years later. It was a murder and those that were involved knew the facts and details of one night 50 years before. Each person knew of places, names, people, and events down to the smallest details.

These people were aware of everything that occurred that evening and they were right on target to the smallest detail.

Now here's the thing. If a show can demonstrate that people can remember details from 50 years ago then what about facts from the New Testament from less than 30 years? If a movie can show the plausibility that on one night people could remember details then what about a time changing event? Could it be that the facts of the life and night of Jesus' death could be true? That the events reported of the flogging, the beatings, the crucifixation and resurrection are true.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if a televisoin show can show to millions that people are able to remember facts years later to the smallest details then the writers of the New Testament books were also able to do the same thing.

Well it's true, "Cold Case" television show proves New Testament is probable and true!

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