Sunday, November 2, 2008

Song of the Decade

The song of the decade in Christian music or in youth ministry, what will it be?

I have been "doing youth ministry" since I was a youth. Well actually I was newly married but I have been around a few decades! I have seen things that have come and gone and are now back in the realms of youth ministry. The days are gone for a 'pizza blast' to bring in students when the average student eats pizza 2-3 times a week! Christian concerts have gone out of vogue but have come back in again!

So here's the thing what will be the Christian song for the 2000's?
1960's had Kum Bah Ya
1970's It Only Takes A Spark
1980's Friends are Friends Forever
1990's You Came From Heaven to Earth
2000's will it be something from:
David Crowder Band?
Chris Tomlin?
Charlie Hall?
What will it be?

So we know the song but do we know the Savior? It is more important to know Jesus than to know the songs About Jesus! So chime in, what do you think will be the song for the 2000's
What will be the song of the decade in Christian music?

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Joe said...

Shout to the Lord
In Christ Alone