Monday, November 17, 2008

Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers tell you a lot about a lot of people. 

The national elections are over and we have a new President Elect. Over the last few months we have seen thousands of bumper stickers that are placed all over individuals cars. I have been noticing some things about the bumper stickers that I have seen. Some of them have been on the deck lid, that's the trunk area of the car where you put your key in and open up the back of the car, some are one the windows and yes some have been on the bumper of the car. Not all the bumper stickers have been political in nature. I have seen things such as "Be Good To Your Mother" and they are talking about the earth. One of the stickers said, "Make Peace Not War" and all is well if we will get out of a foreign country and not fight with other people.

I saw hundreds of stickers for the political candidates and many times there was changes on the cars depending on the candidate and the primaries. Some would be for a candidate so much that they campaigned for them and then changed once their candidate lost. They were committed to their candidate but they had to change once they saw all was lost. 

What really spoke to me was the person that was passionate about their candidate and you just knew they were going to vote for their candidate. What struck me funny about them was that they had their bumper sticker 'taped' to the bumper and not stuck on as it was designed. They said that they were 'committed' to their candidate but were they really? I mean if you are committed wouldn't you have placed the sticker on the bumper, even if it will not come off easily? I mean are they committed or not?

I guess that I look at things differently than others do but I see that the bumper stickers and how they are placed on the car tells me a lot about the person. Then I think about the idea of spirituality and how that works in their lives. Are people committed to their faith? Are people ready to place the bumper sticker on their lives and not worry about what others think about them? Are they ready to actually place the sticker on their lives? 

So the next time you are driving down the road and you notice a bumper sticker on a car, think about what your bumper sticker would say if it was on your life for others to see? So today, think about what your life says and think about your bumper stickers. 

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