Monday, November 10, 2008

A Firm Foundation

"It all comes down to a firm foundation" is what the man said.

I was watching, well not really watching, it just happened to be on while I was concentrating on holding down my favorite chair and really watching the back of my eye lids, and the PBS show of "Ask This Old House" was sounding in my hearing off in the distance. Anyway, out of my sleepiness I heard one of the men say to a home owner about his brick side walk that the problem that he was having with the side walk was not with the bricks. The bricks were in good shape. He took out a few bricks and said the problem was underneath it.

The men proceeded to tear the bricks from the ground and shovel out the layers underneath them. They got to the bottom and they found out that the previous owner had used sand where he should not have. The host of the show said that this had to come out. He then said that they would be putting in gravel and some other type of back fill that had lots of gravel dust, etc. etc. etc, (I'm not sure I actually saw that part) but he then said, "It all comes down to a firm foundation, and if your foundation is good then everything else will be good and solid." Well he go my attention.

Isn't that the truth anyway? That in our lives that if we build our lives on things that are not solid that we will always crumble and fall apart? As a student minister when I see students building their lives on the acceptance of others, they will crumble and fall. If they seek popularity at all costs, well it will cost them more than what they had anticipated. If students build their lives on anything else except the Lord Jesus Christ, well their lives will eventually fall apart.

So what am I saying today? I am saying that for students, adults, all people really that we have to have our foundation on that which is solid. It's like the man said that if you have a good foundation then what you build on top of it will be fine. But you have to have a firm foundation.

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