Monday, December 1, 2008

I Am So Lonely!

I am so lonely! These were the words that I found written on the bathroom stall wall. Now the crazy thing is that we have all seen various little tid bits of information on bathroom stalls. Sometimes they are ugly and vulgar. Graffiti that has been placed there by some strange person that feels that they must express themselves in such a way that everyone that comes and goes in that stall needs to see it.

You know you have seen those things and you may have thought how sad, or sick, or why do they do that? I know that I have thought the same things as I have read many of those things. I wasn't sure what to think about the one that said, "I am so lonely". This one was different. I don't know if it was different because of the fact it was small, or that it was scribbled not in a conspicuous place, or exactly what it was. 

The thing that caught my attention was that it said "I am so lonely" and then someone had written under those haunting words a response. Their response was "get over it!" Now you might be thinking yeah, so what's the big deal, they do need to get over it. 

Now let's see if we can still say the same thing when we realize that those haunting words were found in the stall at a Seminary. The person that was crying out for help was for all practical purposes was a seminary student. This was sad to think that first of all that someone was lonely but it was also sad to see that someone else did not care about that they were hurting. 

The final note on the walls said something else that made me feel a little better. Under these 2 lines was one more line and it said, "I am praying for you both". I guess that was the most fitting response to each of them. You see compassion needs to be extended to both of the graffiti artists. The writers need help and at least someone was trying to reach out to them. 

Loneliness is not something that anyone should be ashamed of, it is normal to feel lonely from time to time. If loneliness is is a concern get help, talk to someone, and prayerfully they will listen. So don't worry about it, and it's ok to say, "I am so lonely"

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