Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Than Just The Sum of the Parts

There are so many new television shows on right now and all are jockeying for that prized position of the best new show. The show that will be the one to watch. The show that everyone will be talking about tomorrow after the latest episode there will be more people tuning in than last week.

Currently there is a new show on CBS called "The 11th Hour". It is a unique show that has last minute intervention on special cases of national significance. On October 9th the season premier had a special case about babies, cloning, and the right to life and life with rights of the unborn.
The cloning issue was hot and heavy when the main character made a statement about the soul of the child being cloned. Will the child being cloned have the same soul as the original soul or will it have their own, etc. 

The line stated was this, "The soul is more than just the sum of the genetic parts." What he was referring to was the cloning issue but what he said is of the utmost importance in the reality of eternity and spiritual responsibility for ALL of mankind. We, that is us, that is all of the human race are eternal creatures and the soul in each of us is more than just the sum of our genetic, DNA structure, or our biological make up. The soul is who we are! The soul is that which makes us alive! 

Too many people think that we are alive and we have a soul. I think that we are living souls that happen to be housed in a body. Can they be separated? Sure, because when we die the body will die, be buried, and generally decay. The soul? The soul will live on in either heaven or in separation from God in a place called hell.

So what am I trying to say? I am trying to say that we all need to know and realize that we are a soul that is eternal. The question is where will it spend that eternity? And remember that you are more than just the sum of the parts. 

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