Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm On A Diet!

"I'm On A Diet!" is what I overheard the young lady say recently in a local restaurant. It was a college student that needed to be on a diet like a runway model needs to go America's "The Biggest Loser". When she cried out these words she was looking all around the restaurant to see if anyone else was listening, watching her, or paying attention to her.

I chuckled to myself as she did this simple outburst for others to hear. What made me laugh was if this same young lady was to cry out "I'm A Christian" or "Jesus is Lord of My Life!" would she have carried on the same way? It made me think that we have to be more aware of what we are doing and saying while in public. Who gets the glory when these statements are made? Us or Him?

Now don't think that I am being over critical or even critical at all; just thinking out loud. Yeah we have to watch what we eat from time to time because we are what we eat, but come on. We shouldn't shout out things that are really personal unless it is the personal relationship that we are in with Jesus Christ. So if we are on a diet OK, just don't tell everyone "I'm On A Diet!"

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