Friday, March 12, 2010

In It To Win It!

In It To Win It! Is a phrase that we hear during the various seasons of sports. Now it happens to be tournament time and everyone is thinking this same phrase. We are playing this year to not to come in 2nd place, we are In It To Win It! This means there is no satisfaction for coming in less than number one. To be the very best, the best of the best and forget the rest.

I was reading a book on leadership and came across these sentences about leading and supervising others. "Being a life-impacting leader of staff (others) requires a long-term perspective. Try to see each opportunity as one that can pay dividends not only today but year from now." In short this really means to be In It To Win It! I also look at this statement and think about being Pastor or more specifically a Youth Pastor or Minister. Why?

The reason that I see these sentences in the light of Youth Ministry is that you, as a minister, or lay person working with kids, must be thinking long term when it comes to students. Think of the end goal, the long term, the prize, that what you are aiming for that the students need to accomplish. How will you get there? Will you have to make unpopular stances or positions to get to the end goal? Will you have to change how you communicate with others? Do you communicate at all? Are you willing to do the hard work that may not show results for YEARS?

So here's the thing when it comes to Youth Ministry, there are no quick fixes when it comes to our teens. They didn't start being this way over night and they will not fix it over night. IF you are a dieter, you didn't get over weight over night and you don't get back to that weight over night! The issue is this, you have to commit and be ready! So here is my challenge for you plan now, pray hard and plan to be In It To Win It!

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