Monday, April 12, 2010

True Life Adventure!

True Life Adventure! It was one of those stories that we used to read in various magazines that made you think, Wow! wonder what that would be like to have that happen to me? There were stories such as bear attacks in the back woods and having nothing but a stick to beat the attacker off with....

So today, I had a True Life Adventure that happened to me. NO, there wasn't a bear, lion, or tigers, that were in my path. NO, I didn't stop a robber in the middle of a bank robbery. NO I didn't do a stop a bomb at the last second but I did do a good deed!

Today while driving to grab a cup of coffee and sandwich I saw smoke coming from the mulch! I slowed down and realized that the mulch was on fire! Quickly I stopped my truck, turned on the flashers, opened the door to do something. The fire didn't appear too big so I started to stomp the fire out. PROBLEM! I was wearing sandals! It looked like I was dancing, not very good dancing mind you, but dancing nonetheless. My feet were hot so I took off a sandal and tried to beat the flames out, to no avail.

Finally a person that I worship with on Sundays stopped to help and along with his wife we put water on it and yet the fire wouldn't stop! Others tossed bottled water to us and we poured it on the mulch as well. Then we realized that 911 was probably in order. The fire department came and put out the fire with lots of water.

The fireman said that once the mulch gets fire in it that it breaks out from underneath it and it's hard to put out.

Spiritually speaking that is the way it should be for all of us. We should have the fire deep inside us and it should be hard to put out! You see, Jesus is the fire that burns deep inside me and he is NOT going to be put out. That is the real, "True Life Adventure!"

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