Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In Case of Fire!

Recently I was in my favorite Chicken Restaurant eating a new spicy sandwich. I know you are thinking, of course you were. If you know me, you know that I love to go there to eat, listen to Christian music, and to see quality customer service in action, but I digress.

The new sandwich that is there is really, really, really good, maybe fantastic. I even put extra hot sauce on it because I love to have "A Kickin Chikn Sandwich!". On the tables at this place there is a card stock box that resembles a fire alarm station where you pull down the alarm in case of fire. The logo on the box says "In Case of Mouth Fire, Pull Down!". I love the play on words and then I start thinking about the spiritual aspects of it all.

What happens when our mouths get the best of us? What happens when we speak things in private or with friends that we would never say in front of our pastor, preacher, teacher or parents? What happens when our mouths get us into trouble because they are too "spicy"?

I think of James 3:1-12 and how that we get into so much trouble with our tongues. Yep all of us, especially me. I think right after I say something and realize only then that I shouldn't have said that. Praise God for his grace!

How about you? You been in trouble lately because you didn't think before you spoke? Did you say something that you regret, will regret, or think that you shouldn't have done that?

Aren't you glad that God (Jehovah, YHWH) is a God that forgives and is full of grace? I know I am and I know what to do "In Case Of Fire!"

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